iPro 3000
Wireless Portable Well Testing


Data gathering and viewing is now compact, mobile, and safe. The iPro 3000 is a logger capable of collecting data from 100 wireless DataPort sensors. All data is displayed on the intuitive, color touch screen and can be relayed via celluar technology to a any number of web and software based applications.

Top Features
  • Color touch screen for realtime graphing
  • Integrated cell or satellite modem for realtime remote data access
  • 2 week continuous operation on one rechargeable battery. Solar options are available
  • USB interface for software based monitoring
  • Supports Modbus
  • Light weight NEMA 4X case


iPro's touch screen is HTML based so customization of your logo, wellsite images or diagrams and more is simple. Optional clear case covers protect the iPro from wet weather, mud, and crude.
Excellent battery life. When fully charged you can collect data at high frequencies and transmit via the internal cell modem for up to 2 weeks. Optional 12VDC chargers make onsite data acquisition reliable.
Simple set-up and operation. Its more than a statement. One switch turns the system on and it auto recognizes sensors in its 3000 foot range and begins to log the data from them. Even the cell modem will connect once power is applied. From there all features can be accessed from the touch screen.
Local data retrieval is achieved by an industrial grade Compact Flash card. Simply remove the card from the iPro and transfer the data onto your computer. No software needed.
Accessing the iPro remotely is easy as well. Simply open up the optional DataPort Viewer software on your computer, and with any internet connection, log into the IP address of the iPro's cellular modem from anywhere in the world.


  Samples rates from 1/second
  Unlimited memory storage
  Up to 100 tags

  NiMH rechargeable battery battery
  120/220VAC power adaptor included
  Option 12/24VDC adaptor

  Impact and water resistant molded plastic case
  Light weight design is 3lbs
  Optional clear lid for water and chemical resistance while viewing screen

  CDMA cell or Satellite communcation
  902MHz radio communication for DataPort sensors


Aug. 19th 2011 - Probe Holdings, Inc. has acquired the assets of AKS Technologies, Inc of Houston, USA, in an undisclosed cash and equity transaction.
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