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With SCADALynx you can monitor flow computers, compressors, pipelines, tanks, artificial lift devices and more. Unlike traditional SCADA systems eLynx provides pre-engineered user configurable solutions that are easy to learn, use, and can be implemented in days or weeks - not months required by traditional SCADA systems.

  • No SCADA software to purchase, no SCADA replacement if you already have a system
  • No field hardware to change, SCADALynx is device agnostic and works with any communication enabled field device
  • No additional IT personnel or IT investment
  • No organizational or systems changes. You continue using your economic planning tools, reserves database, and other business intelligence tools


Summary Listing is a customizable overview of any group of wells. From here, the user can has one-click access to device data and control, trends, archives, and more.
Marketing Report is a preconfigured report providing month-to-date totals and daily totals for a data value of your choice, such as Previous Day Flow.
Live Data and Control allows users to write values down to the device.
Tank Level Management calculates liquid production volumes (oil, water, etc.) at well sites based on changes in tank levels that occur over the meter's contract day.


Compatible Browsers
 Internet Explorer 7
 Safari 4.0
 FireFox 3.5
 Google Chrome

Required Plug-ins
 Adobe Flash
 auto downloads on first login

Mobile Interface Compatibility
 Apple iPhone
 Andriod OS support phones
 Windows Mobile OS support phones
 (requires data plan)

Additional Features

Roll-up Variance presents a hierarchical view of key performance data, such as production and pressure, for both surveillance and drill-down review.

Production Forecasting allows engineers to view the forecasted production using an exponential or hyperbolic formula. The decline rate and initial gas rate can be easily modified on the same screen as the graph for quick manipulation and analysis.

Dynacards can be displayed for a single surface or downhole card or multiple surface or downhole cards for easy analysis.

Calculated trends can be created as well to trend the sum or average of values of the same data type across multiple devices.

Artificial Lift enables proactive management of controllers for artificial lift technologies including electronic submersible pump, rod pump, and plunger lift.
Trending allows users to trend data for an entire field or group of wells, a single well site, or a single device.

Gas Charts is another chart view that is available within interface for quick and easy analysis.

Reporting allows users to configure and save their own custom reports for quick access in the future from within the interface. Reports can be configured for an entire field or group wells, a single well site, or a single device.

Manual Entry allows data to be manually entered for a device or group of devices.

Alarms are exception based alarm notifications that are user configurable. Alarms can be sent to email, fax, cellular phones, and pagers.


Aug. 19th 2011 - Probe Holdings, Inc. has acquired the assets of AKS Technologies, Inc of Houston, USA, in an undisclosed cash and equity transaction.
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