Programming, Maintenance and Reporting


Take control of your EMR. DataView is a complete user interface to the new PR600 EMR's features and functionality. Use it to program steps, sample rates and test lengths and when your test is complete, DataView will download and process your data into a report that is ready for your customer.


Use DataView to program in your pressure trigger. The pressure trigger allows you to program the EMR in a clean and controlled environment free of dirt, grease, and well contaminants. Once the EMR is deployed and sees the set pressure, the program begins to collect data as per the program you have set.
When running a bottom hole long term test, the point is to catch "hic-ups" in the wells performance. The problem in past tools is that you will collect and store a lot of useless data just to see a brief anomaly. The deltaP programming feature allows you to tell the EMR to only collect the data that strays from the normal well performance.
What good is data without proper interpretation? DataView has built in reporting features that allow you to create graphically rich reports with clear presentation of the test data. Simply print the report to a PDF or printer and its ready to present to your client.
Create the look and feel of a complete end to end service with software customization. You can add your company logo and contact information and add comments to the final report in minutes.


Computer Processor
  500MHz minimum
  1 GHz recommended

Memory (RAM)
  512MB minimum
  1 GB recommended

Hard Disk
  50MB for installation
  500MB recommended free space

Operating System
  Windows 7 recommended
  Windows Vista 32/64bit
  Windows XP (with SP3)
  Windows 2000
  Mac OSX running Parallels 5.0 with any of the above supported OS.
*Windows installer 2.0 must be installed prior to installation of DataView

  1024 x 768 or higher resolution monitor

  USB 1.0 min, USB 2.0 recommended


Aug. 19th 2011 - Probe Holdings, Inc. has acquired the assets of AKS Technologies, Inc of Houston, USA, in an undisclosed cash and equity transaction.
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