DataPort Monitor
Quick trending, Analysis, and Management of Surface Test Data


DataPort Monitor offers the very best graphical presentation and detailed tabular outputs which allow users, in the field and in the office, to monitor test data quickly and easily. Its intuitive interface allows for a very quick learning curve and its advanced features allow remote connection to any of the Base Radio loggers we offer with a cell modem. No cell or satellite modem? No problem, a live USB connection to any of our Data Port loggers or iPro series portable loggers is easy. in a few mouse clicks, you are recording realtime data every second right your hard drive and watch multiple graphs build in realtime.

New Features
  • Modbus Plug-In for universal data collection
  • External IP based communication supports remote data logging via cellular or satellite IP addresses
  • Unlimited user license with no maintenance fees
  • Efficient use of RAM does not slow or hinder Windows OS
  • Print, Graph and save data in the most common data formats like CSV, TXT, and ASCII.
  • Intuitive design and navigation makes for an extremely quick learning curve.


Use DataPort Monitor in a large testing, mudding, work-over or fracturing environment with the ability to simply display each process being measured quickly. With one click of a mouse, you can over-lay data on the fly.
Link to directly to your data remotely using your internet connection. If your base radio logger or iPro are using the optional cellular or satellite modem, its as simple as entering the IP address of the modem into DataPort Monitor.
Live support and remote trouble shooting are standard. AKS support staff can remotely log into your base radio logger or iPro, diagnose and in most cases fix any issues. You will always get a live person when calling our support group.
Create the look and feel of a complete end to end service with software customization. You can add your company logo and contact information and add even comments to the final report in minutes.

System Requirements

Computer Processor
  500MHz minimum
  1 GHz recommended

Memory (RAM)
  512MB minimum
  1 GB recommended

Hard Disk
  100MB for installation
  500MB recommended free space

Operating System
  Windows 7 recommended
  Windows Vista 32/64bit
  Windows XP (with SP3)
  Windows 2000
  Mac OSX running Parallels 5.0 with any of the above supported OS.

  1024 x 768 or higher resolution monitor

  USB 1.0 min, USB 2.0 recommended


Aug. 19th 2011 - Probe Holdings, Inc. has acquired the assets of AKS Technologies, Inc of Houston, USA, in an undisclosed cash and equity transaction.
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