Process measurement has long been a hard benefit to balance. You have numerous points on a well site or test that need to monitored but they are spread accross hundreds of feet and even up to miles apart. The old way was to run temporary cables for short term tests or to install raised cable track or trench in cable under ground. If this was cost prohibitive, each process point was localized and required either manual data readings or individual data downloads that had to be paired post test. This is inefficient and no longer necessary with new wireless technology.

DataPort can cost-effectively enable measurement points across any well site, plant, frac, DFIT, hydro test or well test without wires or a lengthy set-up time. All of the components of DataPort are intrinsically safe, meaning you can use them in a hazardous areas and be compliant with safety standards for explosive environments. They are robust enough to stand up to the abuse of well testing scenarios, plant environments and even well tree servicing.

The measurement possibilities are limitless. Possible applications include:
  • Hydro test pipelines at multiple points over a great distance
  • Monitor frac break through REALTIME at nearby wells while inside the data van
  • Monitor even thing from tank levels to well head pressure and never install 1" of cable
  • Build a complete well testing package that can set-up in minutes and run for months

The possibilities of wireless instrumentation bring a new set of headaches, right? Not with DataPort. The set-up and operation is maintenance free. Adding sensors to a DataPort wireless network is automatic. No intervention is needed. Maintenance is required every 2 years and consists of a simple battery change.

Easy Installation - DataPort sensors are easy and painless to configure and set-up, you can go from the box to fully commissioned in minutes without a masters degree in nuclear fission.
No site surveys - DataPort sensors are configured from the factory to auto recognize the network. It also works off the the principal of line of sight. If you can see the base radio antenna, your new sensor will see it as well. AKS also offers a path study base solely on the GPS layout of your site.
Start Anywhere - DataPort Wireless gives you the freedom to choose your path. You can start with as little as one sensor and a base radio and grow your system up to 100 sensors on one receiver.


Aug. 19th 2011 - Probe Holdings, Inc. has acquired the assets of AKS Technologies, Inc of Houston, USA, in an undisclosed cash and equity transaction.
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