End User Interfaces
AKS moves data from our hardware to your application seamlessly.

AKS Technologies utilizes many different communications protocols to move data from any one of our devices to your preferred application. There are no proprietary protocols in any of our methods therefore the options are limitless.

Cellular Networks provide the most cost effective method of moving data from field equipment to desktops or servers.

Satellite Communications are the most versatile and sure way to get data from remote off-the-grid locations to your computer.

Radio Infrastructure is the lowest cost option available and is the best option for very high density locations that require large amounts of data to be transmitted.

Well Testing - Having real-time (or near real-time) access to test data will enable you to act quicker and shorten the time wells are shut-in (for example: during a build up). Remote real-time access also allows consulting and engineering staff to create reports instantly.

Well-site Surveillance and Automation - There is little argument today that will let a manual data collection process win over digital flow monitoring and automation. Benefits to having real-time data include

  • Reduced downtime by alarming catastrophic events (freeze off, liquid loading, etc)
  • Reduced errors by eliminating manual data collection and calculation
  • Higher resolution data allows for better and proactive well engineering (being able to better predict reserves and well challenges
  • Reduce costly repairs to compressors and ESP’s by condition monitoring with alarms and emergency shut-downs.


AKS’s end user interface is delivered in 2 formats. One of these is a standard web browser. The web provides a universal platform with no software downloads or IT support drain.

That said there are limitations to real-time updates in an ASP environment. We also have an in house software application that provides unparalleled real-time views of data when public communications between field hardware and your interface is interrupted.

eLynx Technologies
A web enabled HMI host application that delivers all the same features as a major SCADA system HMI. The most affordable application for small to mid sized E&P companies with a mandate to lower operating costs and increase production. Call us to find out how we have done this for our customers and can do it for you.

A simple but powerful web based tool capable of large amounts of data in a short amount of transmission time. This text based interface is ideal for data access to multiple parties from multiple locations.

Our in house software application made for the onsite tech or pumper who wants to see a real-time graph of each DATAPORT™ sensor on the local network. Interfacing to the field hardware by direct cable, WIFI, IP, or cellular based modems, this options give the most flexibility and is the only option that has no recurring charges.


Aug. 19th 2011 - Probe Holdings, Inc. has acquired the assets of AKS Technologies, Inc of Houston, USA, in an undisclosed cash and equity transaction.
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