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At ODSI our focus is to look at planning and performing a job from the operators perspective. We plan and perform each test the cheapest and least intrusive way possible while still being able to obtain the necessary information needed from the job. The software used for our analysis is developed in-house and our approach is to not use type curve matches. The problem with type curve matches is that it smoothes the pressure data which can mask important details about the reservoir such as boundary contacts. Another problem with type curve matches is that they do not work well for a drawdown analysis since the pressure data is often noisy, so typically build up tests are preferred. The problem with build ups is that the well has to be shut in which means they aren't making money which causes operators to be hesitant on performing a build up analysis. But here at ODSI since we don't use type curve matches so we don't have to look at just build ups. We actually prefer to look at drawdowns. This is preferred because drawdowns are easier to measure from the surface and also shows how the well is performing while it's producing. This means you can test a well and determine important reservoir properties and make money at the same time. We also plan each test as a courtesy and if you have existing data we look at it for free and don't start charging until we tell you what we can get and how much the analysis is going to cost and we get the go ahead. Listed below are common are common well tests performed in the industry today.

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Aug. 19th 2011 - Probe Holdings, Inc. has acquired the assets of AKS Technologies, Inc of Houston, USA, in an undisclosed cash and equity transaction.
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