Deliverability tests are used by E&P companies, gas marketers, and regulatory agencies for estimating a wells sustainable flow rate. This is often referred to as absolute open flow testing or AOF.

The objective of deliverability testing is to determine the flowing wellhead / bottom-hole pressure as a function of flow-rate, as well as determine the wells deliverability. There are different deliverability tests that are used which depend on what type of reservoir is present. They include flowing step rate tests, isochronal tests and modified isochronal tests. These tests are explained in greater detail in their own sections.

For surface testing in low-perm reservoirs the DATAPORT™ is preferred. Due to the low cost and versatility of the DATAPORT™ System, you can have one or more sensors measuring the flow-rate(s) and the other sensor measuring the surface pressure. This allows for accurate readings which in turn allows for accurate analysis. For downhole testing, the same caveats as listed in the Drawdown section apply.


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