2 Rate Tests
Useful for oil wells where the shut in tubing pressure drops below the BP in the reservoir or gas wells that have high water production or the operator can't afford to do a shut in.

If either of these scenarios exist then liquid loading issues or reinjection issues could come into account and the well cannot be shut in to do a build up if using a surface gauge. Instead you keep the well flowing and drop the rate while still staying above the liquid loading rate. Continue at that rate for a certain time and then bump the rate back to its original rate and monitor the pressure response throughout the rate changes. The only useful information gathered from this type of test is the skin, perm, and reservoir pressure.

With the high resolution of the DATAPORT™ and DATATRAP™ or PR600™ noticing when the frac occurs is much easier since you don't have to worry whether or not you've reached frac pressure or if it's interference.


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